Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you have any homes under construction that are available to buy now?
    1. Please view our available homes section of this website for information on any homes we are currently working on.
  • What does a custom home builder mean?
    • A custom home builder builds whatever the homebuyer wants, not just what they have to offer. Refer to our definition of a quality custom home builder on our about us page.
  1. Do you only build from your plans?
    1. No, we will build from your plans, one of our existing plans with modifications, or will help you design and build a custom home. Refer to our custom home design section.
  • Will you build on a homeowner’s lot?
    • Yes, we will customize one of our homes to accommodate the lot or build a custom home designed for their lot.
  1. How does T.B.L. price a home and what is included?
    1. T.B.L. custom builds and prices each home to your specifications on the lot of your choice. Please refer to the features section under custom home design which is used as a base for every home we build.
  • How long does it take to build a custom home?
    • It takes about 6 months after permit has been received. Building through the winter months may take longer.
  1. Can I make changes after my custom home is being constructed?
    1. Yes, we expect changes as construction continues. Appropriate change orders will be agreed upon and signed.
  • How do I make selections to my custom home and how do I know when I need to make them?
    • We provide a list of each selection with our contacts and when they need to be made.
  1. How do I get started building my custom home with T.B.L Construction, Inc.?
    1. We guide you through every step from our initial meeting through closing. Refer to the getting started section for our process.