T.B.L.’s Definition of a Quality Custom Home Builder

PERSONABLE: You have to work closely together for several months, make sure you like your builder.

PROUD: Excited to talk about his work, accomplishments, and personal relationships with previous buyers.

EXPERIENCED: Has many years in business and outstanding status in the area.

KNOWLEDGEABLE: Answers your questions without hesitation.

STRAIGHTFORWARD: Provides detailed Exceptional Standard Specifications and Buyer Specifications.

CONSISTANT: Workmanship by the same qualified workers on several projects.

CAPABLE: Small enough to provide personal attention to every house and large enough to get the job done in a timely manner.

CREATIVE: Examines the needs and wants of the homeowner and provides suggestions accordingly.

FLEXIBLE: Ability and willingness to make changes during construction.

INVOLVED: Being on site to provide personal attention to detail.

AVAILABLE: Easy to contact regarding homeowner changes and requests.

ORGANIZED: Establishes open communication and a timeline for buyer selections.

UNDERSTANDING: Strives to make the process as easy as possible and takes the time to explain.

ENTHUSIASTIC: Builds every home with excitement as if it were his own.

PRACTICAL: Realizes that a home is not only a home but an investment for your future.

PROFESSIONALISM: Full time occupation as a builder and conducts his business with decorum.

DIVERSE: Does not repeat the same design over and over, thus increasing the value.

INTEGRITY: Adherence to a strict moral and ethical code.

PROGRESSIVE: Updates their homes and standards with the times.

RELIABLE: Trustworthy and dependable and will stand behind his work.