TBL Philosophy

TBL Philosophy

As a Custom Home Builder, T.B.L. wants to make sure you make an educated decision on your new home. Whether you are looking to design and build a home from scratch or purchase an already built TBL home, we wanted to give you some information about TBL Construction and what we believe you should look for when comparing Builders. First and foremost, when choosing a Builder, we feel it is important to know who we are, what materials we use and include, and who will be building your family’s home.

As a Developer, we are very proud of our Candle Creek Subdivision in Frankfort and believe it has a lot to offer. Besides its location, reasonable Covenants and great schools; Candle creek with a total of 60 lots, offers a variety of lot characteristics. Candle Creek has been designed to meet most of our buyer’s preferences and can accommodate various types of Custom Homes.

TBL History

Welcome to T.B.L. Construction, my name is Tibor Marczali Jr. (TJ) (a proud Hungarian) but I usually go by TJ, and I am the Owner / Builder – Developer. We are a family established residential construction company based in the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago, originally established by my father back in 1965. I grew up on the jobs and actually worked with several different trades. In 1990, I graduated from Bradley University with a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Engineering. I worked at United Engineers & Constructors and then Sargent & Lundy in the project controls department as a senior planning engineer responsible for monitoring and reporting on large construction projects, but I was still involved in the family business.

Since 1997, my primary focus has been building custom homes and land development. My proudest accomplishment (besides being a Dad) is developing my own 60 lot subdivision in Frankfort which I named Candle Creek after my Mother’s birthplace. After all this time, I still love to help people get the home they want and need and I strive to make their home building / buying experience as stress free and exciting as I know it should be. It is my intent to continue to build quality homes and maintain Candle Creeks beauty, quality, and value. I am always around to talk about how we can help you Live…The Better Life.

Few Key Points to Look For In A Builder:


Besides researching background, experience, reputation; it is important to actually like your Builder. You will have to work closely together for quite some time, so not only make sure they are reliable and knowledgeable, but make sure they are proud of every single job and enthusiastic about building your home. A Builder must take the time up front to listen and understand what you want and be capable, practical, flexible, and possibly creative enough to help you get you your dream home.

Consistent Workers / Vendors

You not only need to make sure you research a Builder; you need to ask about their trades and vendors. T.B.L. is proud to say we are consistent with most of our contractors and vendors as many have been working with us for more than 20 years. We believe the use of the same reliable people and suppliers for so many years proves the integrity of our company. The relationships forged by working together on a variety of homes and projects for so many years, shows the commitment to a Builder and that all of those involved in the building of your home really cares about their work and will stand behind it.

Work Ethic

One of the most important attributes is to be an ON-SITE Builder. A Builder must be organized in the office but he has to be personally involved in the building of your home. A Builder should be at the job every day to coordinate the trades and vendors, inspect the work daily, and be available to you to help you to make sure your home is just as you expected. The goal is to provide a home everyone should be proud of.